Financial advice in Dubai & the Middle East Jessica Cook

Looking for financial advice in Dubai and the Middle East? I provide comprehensive fee- based advice for clients seeking to establish a clear direction for their financial success, with access to a premium service. 

Based in Dubai, I work with clients in all emirates of the UAE as well as dealing with clients in remoter areas such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

I work with international professionals in industries including IT and telecoms, oil and gas, construction, pharmaceuticals and finance, all looking for expert financial advice to make their money work harder for them, help protect their families and save them time and stress. I reconnect individuals with their original vision for living in Dubai and the Middle East.

Dubai & the Middle East

Financial services in Dubai and the Middle East are rapidly changing.

In partnership with AES my role is to explain why, what and how to ensure you get the best quality, multi-award winning independent insurance, investment and financial advice available. 

IFA Services in Dubai & the Middle East