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5 ways to improve investment performance

There are a number of simple steps to help increase the performance of an investment portfolio. Here are 5 top tips that are core to any prudent investment strategy.

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Enhanced lifetime allowance for individuals residing overseas

Many UK expats are at risk of exceeding the lifetime allowance on their pension, which currently stands at 1 million having recently been reduced from 1.25million.

There are two new forms of transitional protection in place, namely Fixed protection 2016 and Individual protection 2016. Both of which, though differing in parameters, offer an increased lifetime allowance up to a maximum of 1.25million.

However an alternative mechanism of protection which is less well known is the opportunity for those individuals who were still benefiting from their UK scheme whilst non- resident to apply for an Enhancement factor, also known as a Non- resident factor. 

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Evidence based investing - You can’t predict returns but you can predict risks.

What is evidenced based investing?

Evidence-based investing or EBI as it is sometimes now referred to, is a method based simply on evidence. It is not based on complex formulas, or worse still pure guess- work.

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New UAE-UK Double taxation treaty

On the 1st January 2017 a new UAE-UK double taxation treaty came into force, which could potentially enable UK expats to mitigate UK income tax on their pensions.

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Honoured to receive an award at our annual global conference - Leaders in a Changing World. Bringing positive change to the lives of expats!

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