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Inheritance Tax - What You Can Do To Reduce Your Bill

One major misconception of those living in the UAE is that they are not liable or they simply forget about the consequences of Inheritance Tax whilst they enjoy their tax free income. As someone of British domicile, just becuase you are residing offshore does not mean you will be able to avoid it.

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Are you a ‘High Net Worth Individual’?

A key part of financial planning is understanding your net worth.  The common mental measuring stick is our contribution to society and the material objects that we have accumulated. By that calculation, there are a lot of millionaires and paupers amongst us. The tendency is for people to either grossly over-value or under -value their wealth.

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What Are The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Your Pension?

All too often the reality is, and much is the case with many of the individuals I work with, that planning for our financial futures is being put on the back burner. Tantamount to financial planning is making sufficient provision for retirement and managing your pension fund effectively. Unfortunately, the simple but glaringly obvious fact is that an abundance of people are facing a significant shortfall in their retirement income; it is essential to start saving for retirement early.

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Do you truly understand your tax position as an expat in Dubai?

A lot of expat clients assume that when living in one European jurisdiction, originally from another, that they can effectively decide on which countries tax they pay on financial instruments such their pension, income and investment gains. This assumption is based on the fact that many European jurisdictions have Double tax treaties in place, meaning that individuals do not pay tax in two jurisdictions on the same financial instrument. Although a lot of EU member states follow a OECD format when writing their treaty this is not always the case.

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Dubai Breakfast Market Meeting at The Ivy

I will holding an informal Breakfast Market Briefing at The Ivy, Emirates Towers, on Wednesday, 2nd October 2013 starting at 8:00am for a select number of guests.

Held in conjunction with Peter Duke of Fidelity we will be discussing investments, global markets and finance. It promises to be extremely topical but light hearted. An opportunity to enjoy a nice breakfast whilst hearing about some of the latest market movements and forecasts for the next 12 months.

For further details, please see the invitation below and contact me to reserve yourself a place. As places are limited these will be given on a first come, first served basis.

If you interested in attending future meetings or events please get in touch.

Add the Dubai Breakfast Market Briefing Event to your Calendar

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