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Currency conversion - Are you getting the best deal?

Whether you are comfortably settled as an expatriate in Dubai, just about to make the big move to the land of sand, or perhaps thinking of repatriating home, making and receiving international payments can often be a laborious task. For many, international money transfers not dealt with efficiently through poor exchange rates and high transaction fees will cost you a hefty sum.

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The clock is ticking for public sector workers and their pension pots!

Are you in a UK public sector defined benefit pension scheme?  If so you have less than 10 months if you wish to transfer it.

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The Expat debt trap

Debt accumulating amongst expats in the UAE seems to be, yet again on the increase. 

Moving to a new location can be an expensive process and it can be all too easy to start spending beyond your means. All too often expats live like they are on a constant holiday. Be warned - if you aren’t wary the bubble will burst, leaving you borrowing into a vicious debt trap.

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Repatriating home – What to consider financially

When you move back to your home country, you will have to put some of the things you did before you moved to the Middle East in reverse.  Try and plan well ahead of time, particularly if there are considerable assets both here in the UAE or offshore. From a financial point of view be aware that moving back home can affect your tax situation, your savings and your investments - so you should talk to a financial expert.

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Want to transfer your pension?  The clock is ticking for many in final salary schemes….

In the recently announced UK budget in the Spring, George Osbourne unveiled the biggest pension revolution for almost a century. The plans will unequivocally give individuals far more freedom to choose what they ultimately do with their pension pot.

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