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The time has come! FATCA comes into effect today

If you are from the US then you’ve probably heard of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), but are you aware of how it could affect you?  The legislation came into full effect on the 1st of July 2014 and has many implications, particularly for US expatriates.

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If I had a time machine….

If I had a time machine I would set it for 2004.

2004, the year I stopped being a student, left university with what was a rather expensive certificate, and started full time work. I would use that time machine to send myself a letter, a letter to tell me to do things differently. Now, of course we all know hindsight is a wonderful thing, and there are of course many things I would probably change but from a financial point of view my time machine would be a real game changer.

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How to live frugally in Dubai

Dubai can be an expensive city to live in. Yes we may be accustomed to a tax- free lifestyle but living day to day can be a costly affair and can drain your wallet at an alarming rate. Here are some key tips on how to live frugally in Dubai:

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How the 2014 British Budget could affect you

Did you notice the potential changes that could affect you?

The UK budget was announced over a month ago now and one of the things being considered is a reduction in the personal allowance for non- UK residents.

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Preparing financially for having a baby

Planning ahead means you’ll have time to get ready for the financial changes you’ll experience once baby arrives.  Anything you can start taking stock of now will make money matters down the road easier on your wallet and your sanity!

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