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10 Key Points to Consider When Meeting a Financial Adviser

The first thing any individual needs to do when they undertake any sort of financial planning is to seek out a reputable and regulated advisor and firm. There are many firms to choose from, particularly in the Middle East. Not only is it important to undertake due diligence, it is equally important to find an adviser that matches your requirements. Do they offer the services you require? Do they conduct regular reviews? Can they continue to look after you you repatriate?

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Are you certain you are non-UK resident for tax? Maybe not after 6 April, 2013!

Are you certain you are non-UK resident for tax? Maybe not after 6 April 2013!

With effect from 6 April 2013, HMRC’s Statutory Residence Test applies. This means that it is now more difficult for a person to remain non-UK resident (for example while residing in Dubai), and more difficult for anyone leaving the UK to establish non-UK residency.

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Retirement Nest Eggs

One of the wonderful things about living in Dubai is that it’s a cultural melting pot. The UAE provides exposure to new people, traditions and experiences on a daily basis. Although many of our backgrounds are different, it is fair to say that financial advancement was the motivator for many of us as we set out for the Middle East.

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Reaching out to all US Citizens living and working in Dubai

Are you interested in finding out more about your tax position and ensuring that you are being as tax efficient as possible?

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